How to Handle Dental Malpractice

Did you recently visit the dentist and now you’re suffering from after effects like permanent nerve damage, loss of taste, complications with a crown or other painful symptoms? If so, you’re the victim of a negligent dental injury and hiring a dental malpractice lawyer is a smart decision. Why? Because you are entitled to financial compensation for your troubled experience. This type of carelessness of which you are not at fault only leads to plenty of emotional, physical and financial stress and you deserve to seek justice. If you’re experiencing an injury from a dentist visit gone wrong, here’s what to do:

Remain Calm

It’s understandable that if you’re the victim to a negligent oral healthcare provider and are now experiencing permanent numbness, a structural jaw injury, or poor bridge work, you’d most definitely be upset. However, when you’re in the process of filing a lawsuit, it’s important to remain calm. Remember, there’s a chance that the dental professional will be working with a defending attorney so you don’t want to react in a way that could harm your case. Just follow the appropriate steps (which we’ll talk about in the next points) and always trust your attorney to give you the best advice on what to do.

Report the Issue

Before bringing your concern to a lawyer, you’ll want to report the issue to either your own dental provider or another practicing dentist for a second opinion. If your next step is making a legal case from your injury, proving you’re experiencing long-term pain will be essential. By reporting your problem, you can first see if the accident was simply an oversight that can easily be corrected in one visit. However, severe pain that leads to emergency corrective surgery, extensive time off work, or permanent oral issues that cannot easily be fixed is a strong case for malpractice law and your next step is to gather evidence.

Gather Evidence

If your injury cannot be easily corrected, it’s recommended you work with a malpractice attorney to begin the process of filing an injury claim. They’ll likely ask you to request your dental records including oral history, x-ray scans, and general account and progress notes. Additionally, to build a stronger lawsuit, you’ll need to document every interaction made with the oral-care office. Remember to include dates and times!

Work with an Attorney

We rely on our oral professionals to repair a cavity, get rid of a toothache, whiten our teeth, and ensure optimum health. What we don’t expect is negligence causing us severe mouth pain and financial stress. If you’re the victim of dental malpractice that caused a long-term injury, you need to work with an attorney in order to receive the financial restitution you deserve! Don’t take on the burden of emergency surgeries, emotional stress and loss of wage from an injury that’s not your fault, contact an Alberta Injury Lawyer today to seek justice!

3 reasons why lawyers are so expensive


We all need some kind of legal services at some points of our lives. It can be for getting yourself out of drink driving charge, or starting a new business or getting married; we need lawyers for all these important events of our lives. But legal charges are very expensive. Most attorneys charge $300 to $1000 per hour for their work and most people find it hard to understand why. Here are the reasons why.

High tuition for law school

Law school tuition is typically from $20,000 to $40,000 per year. So, average law student graduates with a debt of $108, 293. Paying off this debt leads to price inflation. Even for the smallest legal service, they charge a higher rate.

Professional nature of the services

Legal services, like other professional services, are expensive. So, lawyers feel justified by charging so much as they are professionals with years of training. Their service is needed at a time when no one else can help.


Getting into a good law school and passing the bar exam gives lawyers a sense of accomplishment. This feeling of pride makes the lawyers feel that they deserve the high salary. Anything less will be discounting all their hard work.

Being a lawyer takes lots of hard work and patients. You have to continuously go through trainings and pass the bar exam. The competition is also high now. Most lawyers think that the high charge is a pay off for their years of hardship. Not everyone can be a lawyer. A lawyer has a high status in the society which also justifies the high price they charge for their services.