Dealing With The Insurance Company After You’ve Been Injured – How A Lawyer Helps

Lawyer providing advice and written opinionLiving in the downtown Vancouver city scene where accidents happen all the time, many people try to save money by handling simple injury claims by themselves to save money. But for serious cases, you should hire a lawyer.  Personal injury claims cover different kinds of accidents that occur in various situations. You may break your spine by slipping on someone else’s property, or get hit by someone’s car. These are all examples of personal injuries. The kind of injury and the situation can make a lot of difference in claiming for the insurance. Whether you should handle the claim by yourself or through a lawyer depends on the severity of the accident.

Managing the case by yourself

It can be complicated to manage the claim process by yourself without a Vancouver personal injury lawyer. So, you must first make sure that you have the knowledge to take care of it yourself. Taking a wrong step may make it hard to get your claim. In a simple personal injury situation like a car accident where only minor damage has taken place, you can try to contact your insurance company without the help of a lawyer. The insurance company will process the case quickly and pay you compensation to cover the cost to repair your car and any medical expenses you have incurred. If you are comfortable and confident enough to negotiate with the insurance agent and have some legal knowledge, then you can deal with the whole process by yourself. But, if the situation is complicated and you are unsure of what to do, it is advisable to contact a lawyer.

Considering hiring a lawyer

Lawyers are very experienced; they have spent years studying the specific laws, and they know the best way to represent their clients. The insurance company will have lawyers representing them, so it’s wise to have a lawyer to represent yourself as well. A study conducted in 1999 by the Insurance Research Council shows that the average person gets three and a half times more settlement when they hire a lawyer. In the case of personal injury settlement, it can be extremely beneficial for you. Personal injury cases can be complicated.  There is a law for dealing with every type of case. Handling these situations without a lawyer is impossible. Hiring an attorney for your personal injury claim is your right, and you should utilize the opportunity well.  Here are five ways an Vancouver based injury attorney may help you.

1. Notify the insurance company

If you are seriously injured, you might not be in a condition to contact your insurance company. The lawyer will notify your insurance company on behalf of you.

2. Gather evidence

The lawyer will gather evidence and interview the witnesses so that he or she can file a strong case and help get you a proper compensation for your injuries.

3. Determine the value of your claim

Your insurance company may not value your claim correctly. A lawyer can help you get the right claim for you.

4. Draft the letter of demand

If you don’t have any prior experience doing this, then it might be difficult for you. The lawyer will help you to write the formal letter of demand.

5. Negotiate

The attorney can negotiate with your insurance company if needed. An attorney is experienced, and so will be able to handle the situation better.  So, if you don’t know about personal injury laws and if your situation is complicated, you must hire a lawyer immediately.  Get the best legal help and representation you can by hiring Jamie Butler of Butler & Company in Vancouver BC – visit for more information and find them on the map below.
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