3 reasons why lawyers are so expensive


We all need some kind of legal services at some points of our lives. It can be for getting yourself out of drink driving charge, or starting a new business or getting married; we need lawyers for all these important events of our lives. But legal charges are very expensive. Most attorneys charge $300 to $1000 per hour for their work and most people find it hard to understand why. Here are the reasons why.

High tuition for law school

Law school tuition is typically from $20,000 to $40,000 per year. So, average law student graduates with a debt of $108, 293. Paying off this debt leads to price inflation. Even for the smallest legal service, they charge a higher rate.

Professional nature of the services

Legal services, like other professional services, are expensive. So, lawyers feel justified by charging so much as they are professionals with years of training. Their service is needed at a time when no one else can help.


Getting into a good law school and passing the bar exam gives lawyers a sense of accomplishment. This feeling of pride makes the lawyers feel that they deserve the high salary. Anything less will be discounting all their hard work.

Being a lawyer takes lots of hard work and patients. You have to continuously go through trainings and pass the bar exam. The competition is also high now. Most lawyers think that the high charge is a pay off for their years of hardship. Not everyone can be a lawyer. A lawyer has a high status in the society which also justifies the high price they charge for their services.

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